Mojizah Laziz Diet Chapati, 8 Pcs

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Mojizah Laziz Diet Chapati, 8 Pcs.

Suitable for persons on Low Calorie Diet.

Perishable – Keep Frozen at -18 °C


Mojizah Laziz Diet Chapati, 8 Pcs.

Perishable – Keep Frozen at -18 °C


Whole wheat flour, Wheat Bran, Black Gram Flour, Kalonji, Salt, Barlay, Corn Oil, and E-500.


  • Defrost for 10 – 15 min at room temperature,
  • Pre heat pan at 200 °C,
  • Place Mojizah Laziz Diet Chapati and
  • Bake both sides.

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Weight 400 g


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